Why do I blog?

When I first started this blog, I had lot of ideas floating around my mind. I wanted to write about DIY projects, green living, home organization, baking. But here I am writing just with the flow of my pen keyboard.

This blog is happening to be completely different from what I envisioned. I am getting encouragement from completely strangers, and really I feel good about it. It gives you a kick like a caffeine. Even 1 like puts you on Cloud nine, because yes your writing can make one human being interested. Yea that’s exciting.

I am writing more naturally and freely. And yes that’s completely logical, to go with the flow, to behave naturally requires little effort (though some effort to make time and write).

But really this post is for thanking my fellow bloggers, Continue reading


Story of safe or a woman – Let’s decide

Image credit: “safe” – © 2007 Paul Keller – made available under Attribution 2.0 Generic

I had a nice and luxurious life, always playing in riches. I was always loaded with jewels and showered with money by my lover.

But one day, hell broke lose, and someone violated my dignity. Continue reading

1st Biggest Blogging mistake new bloggers make

So its around a month, I have setup this blog and been giving a vent to my creative juices. But, it is true, these juices can start drying up, if there is not enough nourishment, i.e. not getting enough traffic, not enough engagement. And know that I am lying, if I say, I don’t care about it.

Because if that’s the truth, and I am just writing for myself, why not write a diary or a personal blog. So  yea, I want more engagement :(.

And it is very human nature, if we are rewarded for something constantly, if it is boosting your ego, we do more of it.

Boost my ego, and get the work done

Oh I am just blabbering, you are here to find out about the mistake. Continue reading