Miley Cyrus vs Honey Singh

So many of you will be surprised on the comparison of these two celebrities, but I found lot of things in  common between them. In fact, I can say Honey Singh is Miley Cyrus for Punjabi culture.

Miley Cyrus rose to prominence as teen star Hannah Montana, which I loved, and was loved by lot of teenagers.  (Wiki)



She is talented, yes, but now what is she famous for Twerking. I have read about so much backlash against her for her twerking on Video Music Awards performance, for distorting the image of Disney forever, for not leaving anything for imagination. What has Miley Cyrus become now. But does anything of it matter in a bigger picture. She do some drastic act, going nude for Wrecking Ball, and what happens:  Wrecking Ball set another Vevo record for 19.3 million views in the first twenty-four hours of its release.

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