How to fight evil inside

Both hell and paradise are within you.
There is no fire in hell. Everyone who goes there brings their own fire and their own pain from this world.
Real battle is within, and the hell that evil can Create within human heart.

These lines are so true. There is an evil in us. We are all mean, jealous deep inside. At least it is true for me, but we are social beings and suppressing the evil or cleansing yourself of evil is must. How do we fight the evil and embrace the goodness? I am really lost. Do you have any thoughts?


Achieve peace within yourself

“What I did at that moment looked fine to me.. But if somebody think its wrong, and has been hurt by my action, it is my step to ask apology for it..
But even then, if the other person is sh***ing and unduly creating nuisance on that pretext alone, then what should I do. I am just going to explain my side calmly, and say sorry. What other person do is his sanskaar either one wants to keep the relationship or not. Continue reading

Unleash your inner child

Why can not I be a child anymore?
Oh no, that’s not true.
Yes, just unleash your inner child, your inner voice, and be a child.

Sometimes when you are in a bad situation, just take a moment, take deep breath, and see the situation through eyes of a child.


Why is a child happy?
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