Why do I blog?

When I first started this blog, I had lot of ideas floating around my mind. I wanted to write about DIY projects, green living, home organization, baking. But here I am writing just with the flow of my pen keyboard.

This blog is happening to be completely different from what I envisioned. I am getting encouragement from completely strangers, and really I feel good about it. It gives you a kick like a caffeine. Even 1 like puts you on Cloud nine, because yes your writing can make one human being interested. Yea that’s exciting.

I am writing more naturally and freely. And yes that’s completely logical, to go with the flow, to behave naturally requires little effort (though some effort to make time and write).

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Unleash your inner child

Why can not I be a child anymore?
Oh no, that’s not true.
Yes, just unleash your inner child, your inner voice, and be a child.

Sometimes when you are in a bad situation, just take a moment, take deep breath, and see the situation through eyes of a child.


Why is a child happy?
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Season Change

“Att Na Bahuta Meghla,

Att Na Bahuti Dhup.”

Meghla – rain

Dhup – Sunlight

Att – Excess

Bahuta – Too much

Na – no/not

This is a punjabi proverb, which says that excess of everything is bad. If it keeps on raining, we will want to stop it, If it is always sunlight, we will long for coolness. That’s why it is the way of nature to keep balance. The change of seasons is one of wonderful phenomenon of nature, how everything works as per seasons.

Birds migrate, insects hibernate, trees shedding and growing leaves. It is like some automation is done for whole of earth and everything goes in sync.

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Scary thought

Are you scared? 


What are you scared of?

Lot of things

Is it bad?

Yes as well as No

Please Explain?

Usually we are scared of unknown. It can be unknown future, unknown place, or some new adventure, which can be scary as well as exciting.

Scare is bad, when it can overwhelm you and stop from enjoying the moment. Like at topmost part of mountain after climbing, it is scary but, you have to control that scare and let it fill you with excitement to enjoy that moment.

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Blogs/Books to read

“This seems to be interesting picture.

Oh the title says it is summarizing something. “

Mainly these 2 things, pictures on pinterest & titles on link parties etc are the main attraction for any blog post.

1. I think in this online world with full of content, a visual contact is very necessary to engage the reader. (Though I am not even following  this, I am being so lazy to put pictures.)

2. If the title says it is summarizing things, and post is in bullet-ed points, reader can glance at it and can or can not be interested. 

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I am addicted to lot of things and that too at totally wrong times.

1. I am addicted to Pinterest looking at lovely recipes, when I should be actually cooking

2. I am addicted to looking for baby things to do, when actually I should be playing with the baby and live that moment

3. I am addicted to number of sites for organizing things, but still not able to find even a single paper at right moment.

4.  I am addicted to looking at beautiful homes and want to have one, without actually making an effort doing it.

5. I am addicted to checking different blogging tips, when in fact I should be blogging away to create content.

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