Just short post to celebrate a little but significant milestone for my blogging journey..


Thanks everyone for encouragement and inspiration. Liking is a food for the blog soul, very much needed for nourishment and development.


My first award

I am so thrilled, excited, surprised, honored, flattered to be nominated for Sunshine award, by my fellow blogger Gaurab.

Rewards reinforce positive things, and in case, writing more and writing well. So yea thanks a lot Gaurab for believing and inspiring. I hope, I can be a positive influence around.

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1st Biggest Blogging mistake new bloggers make

So its around a month, I have setup this blog and been giving a vent to my creative juices. But, it is true, these juices can start drying up, if there is not enough nourishment, i.e. not getting enough traffic, not enough engagement. And know that I am lying, if I say, I don’t care about it.

Because if that’s the truth, and I am just writing for myself, why not write a diary or a personal blog. So  yea, I want more engagement :(.

And it is very human nature, if we are rewarded for something constantly, if it is boosting your ego, we do more of it.

Boost my ego, and get the work done

Oh I am just blabbering, you are here to find out about the mistake. Continue reading

Only YOU can make YOU happy

Just recently, I came through this line while reading a paper. And man, it is so true. This simple line

“Only YOU can make YOU happy”

have so deep connotations.

1. It is YOU or your mind if you want to be more specific, who can make you go aw, omg even on the smallest trivial things to give you that extra boost, or can tell you it is no wonder even after seeing seven wonders of the world.

2. It is YOU who can even go through the drabbest, moments of your life by finding something beautiful there, or can be cranky even in somewhat perfect situations.

3. It is YOU can find creativity in even monotonous things like doing dishes, laundry and can get bored by even creative thing like scrap-booking, painting.

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I am addicted to lot of things and that too at totally wrong times.

1. I am addicted to Pinterest looking at lovely recipes, when I should be actually cooking

2. I am addicted to looking for baby things to do, when actually I should be playing with the baby and live that moment

3. I am addicted to number of sites for organizing things, but still not able to find even a single paper at right moment.

4.  I am addicted to looking at beautiful homes and want to have one, without actually making an effort doing it.

5. I am addicted to checking different blogging tips, when in fact I should be blogging away to create content.

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