Culture and Thought Process

My views on

Explanation of how philosophy and culture interact with the development of thought?

Culture nurtures our thought process. Similarly, as we read or come in influence of any philosophy eg socialism, Marxism, we tend to compare it with our already in-bred thoughts. These thoughts had been conditioned by our environment, family, schooling, friends , neighborhood (in short culture). If they are in sync, it tends to make you believe more in those things. If they are in contradiction, then whichever thought is in more force or has most influence, will make you the person as you are.


Love in the air

Valentine day is coming.. So what are your plans for it.

Are you guys planning together or one is planning something to surprise other

I always wonder where does the onus lies in terms of planning things for something which represent togetherness like anniversary, valentine’s.. Is it guy’s responsibility to do something for his darling, or girls’ to pamper her soul-mate.

I  find (though I am generalizing), that before marriage, it is always guys who take initiative, and after marriage it is girls.

What do you think.



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