Game of Thrones S07 E06

I always wondered that if Danerys join Jon to fight Night King, it would be a easy win. She having dragons breathing out fire and taking out whole armies. It would be a breeze. But how wrong I was. Dragons are not invincible. And one dragon was killed by Night King in one clean throw.

Wow what a shock. And now as Night King has turned it into a wight, there is so much at stake.

Danerys and Jon are on the path of being a couple. Let us see how it plays.

Arya and Sansa fighting and anger towards each other has increased. Arya has shown her the faces and told her that she is now a Faceless.

There is some conference at King’s Landing and Brienne has been instructed to go there. Let us see what happens.


Casual Vacancy – 29 Aug 2017

I have reading this book by J.K. Rowling, and wanted to have a summary of things I read.

Andrew and Fats today went to Yarvil with Andrew reminiscing his childhood memories , and also a determination of thwarting his father’s plans by a secret post on council website. He uses SQL Injection . I wonder how J.K. Rowling has learned about it and then used it in his book so aptly.

Also in Mollison household, dinner turned out to be a disaster, for everyone. For Sam, it was being a bad host showing her inefficiency of being a cook, or apt to control her drinking.
Kay and Miles were arguing all about Fields, Weedons, without an empathy towards Mary.

Mary’s situation was being fragile, shrouded in grief.

Only Gavin seemed to have a good time, talking with Mary and then seeing here off to home.

Colin and Tessa saw Mary and Gavin and worked on their own assumptions.

Let us see what happens next.