Just short post to celebrate a little but significant milestone for my blogging journey..


Thanks everyone for encouragement and inspiration. Liking is a food for the blog soul, very much needed for nourishment and development.


Overflowing to do list

It is so long I have put down my pen hands on keyboard over here. Blogging is getting pushed down and down with so much overwhelming list of my to do’s.

This is just a quick post to let you all know that I am alive.

And I have lot of things to blog about, so just listing them out here for future reference.

  1. I got new phone Nexus 5, so a review is must
  2. dragon loyalty award
  3. sunshine award
  4. versatile blogger award twice
  5. Leibster Award
  6. Baby’s upcoming birthday memorable post
  7. Baby’s first steps story
  8. baby’s words
  9. Canvas abstract art
  10. Canvas messy words art
  11. Canvas chevron art

So as you can see my blogging list is so full and I am in no dearth of ideas but time.

See you all very very soon