Baby’s 1st words – Do they really matter?

This post was inspired by Harsha’s post Origin of word Maa

It has been widely known (at least according to Hindi Movies), that baby’s first words are “maamaa”, as in Hindi movies, it is told again and again,

“jab tumne pehli baar mujhe maa kaha”
(The first time when you called me “Maa”(Hindi for mother))

And I was waiting for this moment very excitedly when I had a baby, And it disappointed surprised me, that he started making noises, chuckles long before and none of them ever resemble “maa”. The first words which could be deciphered were “daadaa”, and now sometimes we feel he says “daddy”, In his first 11 months, I have heard him saying “maamaa” just once , and that also could have been just ringing in my ears. I feel ok with this because even though he is not saying “maa”, he is attached to me and I will say, love me.

His first words, which he is consciously saying and not just making noise are “duddu”(milk), and it totally makes sense. Food is one of the main necessity of life, basis of living, and baby learning to express his hunger through words and actions before learning any other thing is purely natural.

Do you also think baby’s first words are “Maa”?

A blabbering


9 thoughts on “Baby’s 1st words – Do they really matter?

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  2. I am happy that your Shared you Baby’s part.. 😀
    And a Baby chuckles lots of things when they are not really able to speak any real world and those chuckles are interpreted as some words by Us..And it purely make sense as for a mother or a father to hear the word form their babies addressing them is purely eaternal.. 😀

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