Some people don’t like me

Are comedy serials just for fun, or can they have some hidden gems of wisdom. I found one very deep conversation yesterday while watching Seinfeld

Jerry: Some people don’t like me.
Mrs Seinfeld: Oh Jerry , why do you say so. People love you. You are good boy.
Jerry: No Mom, I am sure, there are lots of people who don’t like me and I am fine with it.

This statement is simple but has huge implications. I personally, get very upset when some one hates me. Because there is this deep view ingrained inside me by my parents, society, school to be like-able, good to all, helping to all.
So when someone don’t like me or hate me, I start finding faults inside myself and try hard to please them, or worse I try to find fault with them and hate them in return.

Both of these states leave me restless, irritated. I am not happy.

But on other hand, if I can just accept this fact, that there will always be people who hate me, don’t like me, it can have such a calming effect. Even thinking about it, meditating on this statement for a bit, I feel peace and calm.

What do you think, do you know someone who don’t like you. How do you feel?


9 thoughts on “Some people don’t like me

  1. Feels bad for a while yes, but eventually you’d get so used to it you’d stop caring. Life throws nasty situations at you. Sometimes you find that your own best friends start hating you.That’s worse when people who once loved you start hating you. But I realized there’s nothing I can do about what people think. I’ve got just one life and if i spend it on pleasing other people im never going to be happy. Instead I learnt to make myself happy by doing things I love and trusting very few people who do like me. πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Resh for sharing your thoughts. I totally agree with you, that it hurts when someone you care, love for, hates you and no matter what you do, their opinion doesn’t change. I was like the person who was hell bent on pleasing others, but found out that if you keep other’s happiness before you, it will haunt you forever, and it will hurt more that the other person don’t even know or care about it. So, following some of Jerry’s advice to accept the fact and just move one and live happily.

      Thanks again for stopping by πŸ™‚

  2. Jerry was spot on. You can’t please everyone. Just learn to accept it and move on. However, if there a particular pattern of dislike being directed towards you, it’s time to self-reflect and assess what is it about you that gets many on the wrong side.

    Be happy with yourself. We are all born with certain talents – find your talents. Always remember to stay strong. Strength in characters always defeats strength in numbers.

    • Thanks Ali for your thoughts. I totally agree, that if someone hates you or dislike, try to assess the situation and find if it’s your fault. But if that situation is making you feel depressed and bad, then we should let it go.

      And as I mentioned in my post only you alone have the power to make you happy or sad. And if we ourselves are happy, we can accept other’s love and face the hate.

      Thanks again for stopping by and sharing your thoughtful insight.

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