Racism, Inhuman or just a cultural difference

Based on true events

I was in a eating place recently with my 10 month old baby. It was due to some unforeseen circumstance that I had to spend time there. I didn’t even had stroller with me. I was holding the baby in one hand, ordered coffee, got a high chair, cleaned it, and secured the baby in it. Then I looked around and found a old lady sitting next to my table with his little grandson in high chair as well.

For some psychological comfort , I requested her to just look at my baby while I grab my coffee. She has nothing to do, as I had already ordered and paid for the coffee and  had to just grab it now, and didn’t want to handle a hot drink with a very active baby in my other hand. It would just have taken less than a minute. Baby was secured in high chair, so telling her to look at him was just for a comfort.

Act Of Kindness

But she contorted her face, and said “I have already one to look after.”

I was shocked as I don’t know how to react to it, and after that didn’t feel comfortable leaving baby there even for a second. I managed to grab coffee with one hand while holding him with other. But really what was holding her back. Shouldn’t it be natural for people to show kindness and helpfulness towards others?

When I discussed this with my hubby, he said it was wrong of me to expect this from any stranger. She should not be looking after the baby.

Maybe it was wrong expectations only. What do you think?

And strange this happened to me the day I read this act of kindness by a stranger to a single mother on Huffington Post.


What do you think? Love to hear your thoughts :)

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