Baby’s 1st words – Do they really matter?

This post was inspired by Harsha’s post Origin of word Maa

It has been widely known (at least according to Hindi Movies), that baby’s first words are “maamaa”, as in Hindi movies, it is told again and again,

“jab tumne pehli baar mujhe maa kaha”
(The first time when you called me “Maa”(Hindi for mother))

And I was waiting for this moment very excitedly when I had a baby, And it disappointed surprised me, that he started making noises, chuckles long before and none of them ever resemble “maa”. Continue reading

How to fight evil inside

Both hell and paradise are within you.
There is no fire in hell. Everyone who goes there brings their own fire and their own pain from this world.
Real battle is within, and the hell that evil can Create within human heart.

These lines are so true. There is an evil in us. We are all mean, jealous deep inside. At least it is true for me, but we are social beings and suppressing the evil or cleansing yourself of evil is must. How do we fight the evil and embrace the goodness? I am really lost. Do you have any thoughts?

Some people don’t like me

Are comedy serials just for fun, or can they have some hidden gems of wisdom. I found one very deep conversation yesterday while watching Seinfeld

Jerry: Some people don’t like me.
Mrs Seinfeld: Oh Jerry , why do you say so. People love you. You are good boy.
Jerry: No Mom, I am sure, there are lots of people who don’t like me and I am fine with it.

This statement is simple but has huge implications. I personally, get very upset when some one hates me. Because there is this deep view ingrained inside me by my parents, society, school to be like-able, good to all, helping to all. Continue reading

Overcome desires, should we?

Read a quote (I am just focusing on desire here)

Real battle is within, fighting yourself, achieving victory over your desires, and the hell that evil can create within human heart.

But is it worthwhile to overcome desires. Isn’t desire and the hope only things which make you feel alive, makes you want to do something, make an effort. How to achieve the fine balance between desires and satiation.

Because being satiated can make you feel at rest, intent, happy. And desiring can make you full of energy, enthusiasm to do things. Continue reading

Racism, Inhuman or just a cultural difference

Based on true events

I was in a eating place recently with my 10 month old baby. It was due to some unforeseen circumstance that I had to spend time there. I didn’t even had stroller with me. I was holding the baby in one hand, ordered coffee, got a high chair, cleaned it, and secured the baby in it. Then I looked around and found a old lady sitting next to my table with his little grandson in high chair as well.

For some psychological comfort , I requested her to just look at my baby while I grab my coffee. She has nothing to do, as I had already ordered and paid for the coffee Continue reading