Our way has been always green

Nowadays, it is being so in fashion to be green. It is a new fab. Everyone wants to live green living, recycling, reusing, eating wholesome food. But do you know, it maybe a new thing for western culture, but we Indians have been always living a green life.


Here are ten things which are supposedly green but we have been and has been doing it as it have been always that way only and we have not thought it the other way.

  1. Use reusable bags

    We have used Jholas (cloth bags) since ages. I remember mom getting Jholas sewn from old sheets or sturdy clothes and then using it to get grocery, spices, dals, other shopping in it. Dad always used to remember to carry Jholas to the market. It was so easy to use one big cloth bag to transport n number of things from market to home.

  2. Hand wash dishes

    Seriously, who has a dishwasher. Most of the middle class either do dishes by hand or their human dishwasher( maid, kaamwali bai) do it. And I personally think it saves you lot more energy and water.

  3. Sun dry clothes

    We always have such a pretty sun outside, maybe it was due to a nice weather all year around, that it was natural to dry clothes in sun. Even in mountains, I have seen people laying out their laundry to get dried either in sun or bit of air.

  4. Eat at home 

    All indian female (nowadays male as well) species are great (ahem good) cooks, as this is first question asked by future MILs , “Do you know cooking?”

  5. Use cloth rags

    It is like unwritten rule to reuse old socks, clothes for doing things around the home. After cutting the old clothes into rag size, we use it to dust, clean shelves, Old towels were used as mops.

  6. Use paper bags

    Do you remember eating moongflis (roasted peanuts) in paper bags made from newspapers. Making paper bags from newspapers is such a thriving cottage industry.

  7. Recycle 

    Do you know who is kabbadi? In India we have a profession , kabbadis (scrap-men), and they come to your home and buy all the old stuff – newspapers, glass bottles, any iron, and give you cash. Seriously who need more initiative to recycle.

  8. Use public transport 

    Indians are so used to travelling in public transport, and it is not at all comfortable even as compared to west. But still it is widely used to travel to and fro either, work or holidays.

  9. Cycle 

    Maybe it is because of widespread difference between rich and poor, but we have so many people using cycles for their everyday use, that they don’t have to be bribed into it.

  10. Support Local farmers

    It is only now that big supermarkets are entering into India, otherwise it has always been local for vegetables. People didn’t use to buy any store vegetables as they were considered to be stale and chemical laden. And milk, everyone gets raw milk , boil it and then use for drinking. Just an example of a big city as Chandigarh. There are farmer markets on fixed days of week, and people just throng to them. There are milk dairies on the outskirts of town, and you could see people in the morning, walking with their utensils to get milk from them.

  11. Grow own vegetables

    Gardening is like second thing and most inexpensive hobby almost every Indian has.

Oh I counted 11 things, and I could go on an on, as there are so many other things.Also I have been living abroad for 4 years now, and many things have changed. But really guys we should not change , our way was, is and always will be the best way to live !!!


What do you think? Love to hear your thoughts :)

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