Achieve peace within yourself

“What I did at that moment looked fine to me.. But if somebody think its wrong, and has been hurt by my action, it is my step to ask apology for it..
But even then, if the other person is sh***ing and unduly creating nuisance on that pretext alone, then what should I do. I am just going to explain my side calmly, and say sorry. What other person do is his sanskaar either one wants to keep the relationship or not.
If one is trying to make you feel miserable then don’t let it be. Because what you did in first place was also due to circumstances around, and you were right at that moment. Nobody should have the right to make you feel miserable. As I mentioned on Only YOU can make YOU happy, you alone are the owner of your happiness. Don’t let external things to affect you.”

Above was the internal monologue I went through recently during a bad situation. This dialogue helped me letting go of my internal hat-redness into words, and left me calm and ultimately peaceful.

Understanding that, you cannot control other person’s views or opinions, and self meditation of your own actions can do a lot good to alleviate certain difficult situations. And if you can achieve peace within yourself, the real battle is won. There can be peace then all around the world. As we say, “charity begins at home”.

This post is in response to Dungeon Prompt:Peace – Just a Word


7 thoughts on “Achieve peace within yourself

  1. Your right, the first step is we have to look within. We are responsible for our own happiness. Who would have thought that being happy could be such a struggle sometimes! Thanks so much for participating.

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