Unleash your inner child

Why can not I be a child anymore?
Oh no, that’s not true.
Yes, just unleash your inner child, your inner voice, and be a child.

Sometimes when you are in a bad situation, just take a moment, take deep breath, and see the situation through eyes of a child.


Why is a child happy?

Because he is always exploring, finding new things and keeps on getting amazed by them. He wants to relive all the good experiences again and again, like keep on clapping hands, waving goodbyes.

Why can’t we be same, because we are adults, we have our ego, we start thinking ourselves as know it all. Questioning things. What is so amazing about it?

But just go back and be awed by things around you. And if you look closely, everything is full of wonders. How are all these cars buzzing around. Dogs, running around, children playing, water flowing into grass. You can look for beauty in each of these things through the eyes of a child.

Always be a child like to enjoy the fullest..


Daily Prompt: Child-Like


2 thoughts on “Unleash your inner child

  1. I completely agree to this..In today’s hectic world,we really have no time for ourselves and thus miss out the fun in Life.. Like they say “Zindagi naa milegi dobara” so why not live it to the fullest.. 😀

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