Only YOU can make YOU happy

Just recently, I came through this line while reading a paper. And man, it is so true. This simple line

“Only YOU can make YOU happy”

have so deep connotations.

1. It is YOU or your mind if you want to be more specific, who can make you go aw, omg even on the smallest trivial things to give you that extra boost, or can tell you it is no wonder even after seeing seven wonders of the world.

2. It is YOU who can even go through the drabbest, moments of your life by finding something beautiful there, or can be cranky even in somewhat perfect situations.

3. It is YOU can find creativity in even monotonous things like doing dishes, laundry and can get bored by even creative thing like scrap-booking, painting.

4. It is YOU who can be sulky in rainy weather complaining it to be dark and depressing, or enjoy it by imaging the drops of rain as a romance between earth and sky.

5. It is YOU can find the cries of a child irritating or find them to be something to grin for.

I can go on and on, but it is really YOU. No environment, no exclusive food, no adventure, nothing can make you HAPPY if you don’t want to.


One thought on “Only YOU can make YOU happy

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