1st Biggest Blogging mistake new bloggers make

So its around a month, I have setup this blog and been giving a vent to my creative juices. But, it is true, these juices can start drying up, if there is not enough nourishment, i.e. not getting enough traffic, not enough engagement. And know that I am lying, if I say, I don’t care about it.

Because if that’s the truth, and I am just writing for myself, why not write a diary or a personal blog. So  yea, I want more engagement :(.

And it is very human nature, if we are rewarded for something constantly, if it is boosting your ego, we do more of it.

Boost my ego, and get the work done

Oh I am just blabbering, you are here to find out about the mistake.  So, here we go… When I first started writing, I was writing it as an essay, maybe still doing it, (we can’t change our writing style overnight), but we can do little things correctly.

As I mentioned earlier on blog/books, in this online world, where mind is ever wandering, how do I get little attention of yours?

I mentioned 2 things – visual and list. Now after I have become like 1 month old in this blogging world, I came to know about the third thing which can be used to my advantage.

Hold your breath, it is coming


Seriously, I have been reading till now to find this.

Sorry to disappoint, but as a 1 month old, I have just found out this, that only your title is the firs thing noticed by people, and here I was just putting one word titles as if it were an essays. And I have come to the conclusion now that, if you can make your title catchy enough, it will make a little difference and you can get more engagement.


  • In link parties, along with the picture, your title should be catchy to attract an eye and full of suspense to make one click that button.
  • Title is the main thing mentioned on social networking sites, when you link up, along with your own little message.

So use it to your advantage. Make it inviting, full of suspense, catchy !!

But seriously how long it should be. What do you think, am I correct in my assumptions.

Thoughts please.


3 thoughts on “1st Biggest Blogging mistake new bloggers make

What do you think? Love to hear your thoughts :)

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