Season Change

“Att Na Bahuta Meghla,

Att Na Bahuti Dhup.”

Meghla – rain

Dhup – Sunlight

Att – Excess

Bahuta – Too much

Na – no/not

This is a punjabi proverb, which says that excess of everything is bad. If it keeps on raining, we will want to stop it, If it is always sunlight, we will long for coolness. That’s why it is the way of nature to keep balance. The change of seasons is one of wonderful phenomenon of nature, how everything works as per seasons.

Birds migrate, insects hibernate, trees shedding and growing leaves. It is like some automation is done for whole of earth and everything goes in sync.

Only we humans keep on going in same cycles, only wear different clothes on season change. I will say, welcome new season and shed one layer of your old self, embrace something new. It will be good.

Just take the step.

Daily Prompt: Mid Season Change


3 thoughts on “Season Change

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