Scary thought

Are you scared? 


What are you scared of?

Lot of things

Is it bad?

Yes as well as No

Please Explain?

Usually we are scared of unknown. It can be unknown future, unknown place, or some new adventure, which can be scary as well as exciting.

Scare is bad, when it can overwhelm you and stop from enjoying the moment. Like at topmost part of mountain after climbing, it is scary but, you have to control that scare and let it fill you with excitement to enjoy that moment.

Other example can be, when we want to do some unknown thing with unforeseen future, e.g. career change. But there is a scary though , what if I am not successful. This thought is bad and prevents you from leaving your comfort zone. But it can be also good, if it can be controlled, and one treads his path with caution but move on to achieve the unknown destination.

Scare is good, because it fills you with adrenaline, makes the moments more exciting and helps many folds to enjoy the moment, e.g. merry-go ride.

As I told you, scare is good as well as bad.

Daily Prompt: Fright Night


What do you think? Love to hear your thoughts :)

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