Blogs/Books to read

“This seems to be interesting picture.

Oh the title says it is summarizing something. “

Mainly these 2 things, pictures on pinterest & titles on link parties etc are the main attraction for any blog post.

1. I think in this online world with full of content, a visual contact is very necessary to engage the reader. (Though I am not even following  this, I am being so lazy to put pictures.)

2. If the title says it is summarizing things, and post is in bullet-ed points, reader can glance at it and can or can not be interested. 

In Online world, reader has very little, may be few seconds to judge the quality of content and to make him stay a little longer, blog has to do everything to look appealing.

Can the same be said for books? 


I think we put lot more attention to detail, if we have to choose a book. Why (assuming if we leave e-books out)?

1. It has a physical dimension and the options are lot less than the online world.

2. We grab the book, feel it, read the summary, judge the title, maybe search for a review, and then only decide are we going to read or not read the book.

Daily Prompt: Choices of Reading Material


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