Our way has been always green

Nowadays, it is being so in fashion to be green. It is a new fab. Everyone wants to live green living, recycling, reusing, eating wholesome food. But do you know, it maybe a new thing for western culture, but we Indians have been always living a green life.


Here are ten things which are supposedly green but we have been and has been doing it as it have been always that way only and we have not thought it the other way.

  1. Use reusable bags

    We have used Jholas (cloth bags) since ages. I remember mom getting Jholas sewn from old sheets or sturdy clothes and then using it to get grocery, spices, dals, other shopping in it. Dad always used to remember to carry Jholas to the market. It was so easy to use one big cloth bag to transport n number of things from market to home.

  2. Hand wash dishes

    Seriously, who has a dishwasher. Most of the middle class either do dishes by hand or their human dishwasher( maid, kaamwali bai) do it. And I personally think it saves you lot more energy and water.

  3. Sun dry clothes

    We always have such a pretty sun outside, maybe it was due to a nice weather all year around, that it was natural to dry clothes in sun. Even in mountains, I have seen people laying out their laundry to get dried either in sun or bit of air.

  4. Eat at home 

    All indian female (nowadays male as well) species are great (ahem good) cooks, Continue reading


My first award

I am so thrilled, excited, surprised, honored, flattered to be nominated for Sunshine award, by my fellow blogger Gaurab.

Rewards reinforce positive things, and in case, writing more and writing well. So yea thanks a lot Gaurab for believing and inspiring. I hope, I can be a positive influence around.

Anyways regarding the reward, it has some rules. Continue reading

Achieve peace within yourself

“What I did at that moment looked fine to me.. But if somebody think its wrong, and has been hurt by my action, it is my step to ask apology for it..
But even then, if the other person is sh***ing and unduly creating nuisance on that pretext alone, then what should I do. I am just going to explain my side calmly, and say sorry. What other person do is his sanskaar either one wants to keep the relationship or not. Continue reading

Why do I blog?

When I first started this blog, I had lot of ideas floating around my mind. I wanted to write about DIY projects, green living, home organization, baking. But here I am writing just with the flow of my pen keyboard.

This blog is happening to be completely different from what I envisioned. I am getting encouragement from completely strangers, and really I feel good about it. It gives you a kick like a caffeine. Even 1 like puts you on Cloud nine, because yes your writing can make one human being interested. Yea that’s exciting.

I am writing more naturally and freely. And yes that’s completely logical, to go with the flow, to behave naturally requires little effort (though some effort to make time and write).

But really this post is for thanking my fellow bloggers, Continue reading

Story of safe or a woman – Let’s decide

Image credit: “safe” – © 2007 Paul Keller – made available under Attribution 2.0 Generic

I had a nice and luxurious life, always playing in riches. I was always loaded with jewels and showered with money by my lover.

But one day, hell broke lose, and someone violated my dignity. Continue reading

Daily Prompt: Sad But True

To follow any passion, we have to make some sacrifices, that is the truth. Forgetting everything is maybe a bit very strong statement, as you will never ignore ore not available for your loved one in times of need. It might be just bit of delay as more important things may be on your mind. So yes to fulfill your passion, go ahead, do your best,, and your loved ones will always understand it. You don’t have to be a part of every chat or every tea party to tell them that you care and love them.
My thoughts on the harsh feedback given to my fellow blogger Gaurab.