Miley Cyrus vs Honey Singh

So many of you will be surprised on the comparison of these two celebrities, but I found lot of things in  common between them. In fact, I can say Honey Singh is Miley Cyrus for Punjabi culture.

Miley Cyrus rose to prominence as teen star Hannah Montana, which I loved, and was loved by lot of teenagers.  (Wiki)

She is talented, yes, but now what is she famous for Twerking. I have read about so much backlash against her for her twerking on Video Music Awards performance, for distorting the image of Disney forever, for not leaving anything for imagination. What has Miley Cyrus become now. But does anything of it matter in a bigger picture. She do some drastic act, going nude for Wrecking Ball, and what happens:  Wrecking Ball set another Vevo record for 19.3 million views in the first twenty-four hours of its release.

“Wrecking Ball” became Cyrus’ first single to reach number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100.

We can’t stop it”, set a Vevo record of getting over ten million views within twenty-four hours of its release, and later become the fastest video to reach  100 million views, in thirty-seven days.

So does Miley Cyrus care about being morally right , about being in good books, about having a nice or inspiring image for children or teenagers. No, she is successful, rich and being rewarded for all endeavors in forms of monetary as well as ever rising fans. Why will she stop?

Similarly, Honey Singh (music director) first came on main stream Punjabi music with Diljit Dosanjh Panga song  for album The Next Level. (I am leaving out his previous work intentionally), and since then became successful and is now major sought after music director for Bollywood as well.

He has even rapped for Tamil Song Ethir Neechal and they loved it.

From  Wiki,

It has been reported that he has been paid the highest fee ever for a Bollywood song (as of 2012) of INR7 million (US$110,000) for a song in the films “Cocktail” and “Mastan”.[5]

Honey Singh tops the chart of trending videos of 2012.[6] He earns two places on YouTube‘s list of top 10 trending videos of 2012.[7] His song Brown Rang makes it to top spot and High Heels, in collaboration with Jaz Dhami, takes fourth spot.[8]

Jazzy B and Honey Singh Gangsta party garnered 1 million views in just 80 hours.

And morally righteous media or people keep on blabbering about Punjabi culture, clean image etc. But does it affect Honey Singh. No he is successful, people love him and reward  his music, so why will he stop?

What is the point:  There will always be celebrities , people in entertainment industry churning out music, movies, which will not be always up to the standard moral marks. But, you cannot make a single person responsible for this, or degrading  culture.  When any industry thrives here will be every kind of art churned out. It depends on the audience what kind of entertainment is right for them. It is about educating audience. You cannot get anything by back lashing celebrities or expecting them to be clean and always inspiring, and being role models. That is more like a ideal society.

And also my point here is it is not about Punjabi alone, it is true about any culture.

Disclaimer: I am hereby not endorsing Honey Singh or Miley Cyrus. They both do trashy things, I agree, but point is they have never said that they are role models, and if they are having bad affect on teenagers, we should educate them to see what is right/wrong. Because in this world, we cannot banish what is wrong but only make people aware about it.


What do you think? Love to hear your thoughts :)

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